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Ami.Amen Biological Materials
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Ami.Amen Biological Materials 1. AMI series active ingredients of cosmetics Trade Name Major Components Brief Description Application Ami AT110 Catalyzing Enzyme Mixture of biological enzymes, Stabilizers Catalyzer of cell division, Cell differentiation inhibitory factor, Maintain youthful vigor Anti-aging & anti-wrinkle meso & beauty products Ami MM300 Epidermal Cells Proliferation Factor EGF, Stabilizers Effect on the epidermal skin cells, Promote metabolism, growth, proliferation, differentiation and so on. Anti-aging, dilute dispel stains, anti-wrinkles, restore the elasticity and repair skin damage. Make skin whitening, rosy, beautiful. Whitening meso & beauty products Ami MM330 Epidermal Cells Activation Factor KGF, Stabilizers Help the surface cells to grow, Improve skin blood vessels and skin nutrients and oxygen delivery capacity, so that the skin in the best physical condition, white and tender rosy. Whitening & moisturizing meso & beauty products Ami MM600 Wound Healing Promoting Factor BFGF, Stabilizers Make the relative cells proliferation, Increased collagen synthesis, Rapidly repair skin wounds, Restore beautiful. Healing & repair meso & beauty products, such as after cosmetic surgery Ami MM700 Optimization Factor Ecdysone, Stabilizer Make the old and death cells to exuviate, help new cells growth and enhance cells quality. Minimize off fat, increase protein synthesis capacity, developing high-immunity. Whitening & tender meso & beauty products Ami REO980 Rose Essential Oil Sesame oi of rose extract, additives Rose extracts, aromatic and pleasant meso & beauty products Ami SE233 Seaweed Extract Water-soluble sulfated fucose glycan, additives Soft skin, enhance skin immune system, strengthen skin elasticity, make luster, etc. meso & beauty products Ami SE266 Seaweed Extract Sargassum extracts, additives Improve the skin metabolism, speed up the excretion of melanin , repair UV-induced damage and so on meso & beauty products 2. AMIN series active ingredients of pharmaceutical health care products Trade Name Major Components Brief Description Application Amin REN517 Roses Extract of Food-grade Nutrients Rose extract nutrients, Food additives Rose extract nutrients, healthy pigments. Heat-clearing, detoxifying, invigorating the spleen, promoting blood circulation, calm and soothe the nerves, harmonizing the menses and so on. Flower sauce, Tea, ,Flower wine Amin SET516 Trehalose of Food-grade Nutrients Seaweed extracts and food-grade polysaccharides, food additives Reduce the absorption of fat, sugar and bile salt. Lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar. Prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Inhibit the accumulation of harmful metals in the body, such as strontium, cadmium and lead. Health care and longevity products 3. AMEN series active ingredients of daily living goods. Trade Name Major Components Brief Description Application Amen REO900 Rose Essential Oil Flavors of Rose extracts, additives Rose extracts, fragrance and pleasant. Daily necessities Amen SE130 Seaweed Extract Water-soluble sulfated galactans, additives Thickening, gelling and other effects, water moisture. Shampoo, hair conditioner, hair gel Amen LPE312 Long Pepper Extract Piper longum extracts, peptide additives Antibacterial anti-inflammatory, clear the mouth of harmful micro-organisms, to protect teeth and improve oral health. Toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental supplies Amen HT167 Hair Tonic Formula preparation This preparations, based on the traditional Chinese theory and medicine process, and by the modern pharmaceutical technology. Regulation of body physiological microcirculation, improving blood circulation, improve skin epidermal growth, help hair growth, good hair growth results. Shampoo, hair conditioner, hair gel
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